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 Security Alarm Systems, Acess Control, Video Intercom Systems, Driveway Alarms, CCTV, Point to Point Remote Internet Networks.


Farm wide CCTV systems, Retail Premises, Schools, Residential, in fact anywhere.

Federated Farmers estimate that stock theft costs the country up to $120 million a year - and that's not counting the stress, mistrust and psychological cost.

Farm wide CCTV Systems, these systems work by extending a microwave network to the areas where coverage is required.  Or for more isolated one off installations GSM Cameras

It is very Cost Effective to do so and can offer other benefits as a result. For example internet to the cow shed giving you the ability to better capture data from on farm livestock tracking and management systems. We can extend these networks virtually anywhere maximum ranges can be 10km or more depending on terrain.

Cameras and Resolutions

We can install a variety of different cameras to give you the best possible protection, for example rugged armoured dome cameras, Number plate Cameras to protect driveways, or covert cameras for all of those problem areas where stealth is important. High  resolution Cameras upto 12 Mega Pixel.   We also have GSM cameras available, they work by up loading captured footage to a drop box ( cyberspace ) using data. This footage can be viewed from drop box from any location, this also means that even if a camera is interfered with footage should still be able to be viewed remotely. They can be solar powered, perfect for Driveways or other remote locations. Running Costs start at $10.00 per month dependant on usage. System runs on either Vodafone or 2 Degrees GSM. 


Covert Camera with 3mm lense

 Hikvision_DS-2CD6412FWD covert spy high definition 1.3MP camera

Standard Armoured dome style Camera available in IP or Analogue

Hikvision_DS-2CD2332-I network IP camera

GSM Camera Kits available as bare bone kits or complete with pole mounts etc



Below is an example of different resolutions, note the small low resolution picture and how hard it would be to identify someone from that,  Also please note that the 3 MP shot has actually been reduced to fit the page, so it is better than shown.

 resolution comparison between analogue and IP


TopGear Audio and Installation is licensed by the Private Security Personnel Licensing Authority

Driveway Alarm Systems


We are excited  and proud to to introduce a NZ made product called Parabeam, Protect multipule enteranceways at the same time. Pager and SMS Functions are also availiable. Beam width up to 40m wide, Distance from beam set to reciever up to 2.5km under ideal conditions. Stand alone Solar charging, no power require at the beam end.   Can be linked to your alarm system for protection of outside areas, yards, implement sheds and the like.