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GPS tracking … put those words into Google and you will find an almost unlimited combination of products, uses and companies. But if you have found this page, whatever you need to track, you are in the right place.

AVS GPS Tracking is an affordable, versatile and easy to use full real time tracking system that can be used to effectively monitor and secure virtually any asset. Whether that is your own personal use car, jet ski or quad. Or one van to a fleet of hundreds including machines and commercial vehicles. Prices start from only $449 for hardware with our low monthly service fee of $25. It’s all available here.

Track what you want, when you want.

And as part of the trusted AVS brand your GPS system will be managed here in New Zealand. AVS has a nationwide installer and service network and extensive experience across all areas of vehicle and commercial security.

Our team is always available to help and can be contacted on 0800 867432.  By the way we have had GPS tracking installed in our vehicles for some time now, it is absoulutely invaluable and I cannot be with out it, tracking our fleet movements, travelling time and time on site, it helps to provide a fast responce to client breakdowns etc.

Bowmont Meats manager Stephen Flynn uses tracking units supplied by us, it helps him in the running of his fleet of delivery vehicles

gps tracking for private car